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Alaye refutes the baby mamas’ story on Hip Hop World Magazine

If you are a P.Square fan, you must have seen the temptation remix video, a sexy looking video which features a sexy looking Alaye with a sexy delivery.

In this interview with Keeps, Alaye refutes the statement on Hip Hop World Magazine which says he has eight children from seven different women.

Keeps: Can you talk about your tattoos?

Alaye: I have got three tattoos, I have got one, a soldier, because I went through stuff in my life that only a soldier could come out still smiling with no scars. I’ve got a lion on other arm, my left arm, ’cause you know I feel like the king of the jungle.

Keeps: Right now it seems as if you’ve come to stay in Nigeria

Alaye: I’m in and out.

Keeps: So why are you in Nigeria?

Alaye: I actually came on Friday. Because I’ve been mixing my album, I’m finishing up my album.

Keeps: Where?

Alaye: In UK, so what I’m doing now is that I’ve got my first single, is called excuse me featuring 9ice, it’s me and 9ice so I’ve come out to put that on radio and promote that, shoot the video and get people ready for the album ’cause they’ve been waiting a long time so, you know, that’s why I’m here. You know it’s going on here at the same time it’s going on in Europe. I’m just gonna be back and forth.

Keeps: So you shuttle between Europe and Nigeria.

Alaye: Yeah exactly and above all I learn very much. It’s good though, I love it. This is the dream; I’m living the dream right now.

Keeps: It’s alright but in Nigeria I’m sure so many people got to know you because of the remix video you did with P.Square.

Alaye: Yeah

Keeps: What will you say about that video how was the set like?

Alaye: That video was so much fun to shoot, you know P.Square came to London and it was crazy, my favourite part was the Jacuzzi part; you know obviously I don’t need to tell you why, you can see we were having fun. And the video came out great you know it’s a video that lives long in the memory, people still talk about, so it’s definitely done its job and you know it made me popular in one of my home lands so it’s all good.

Keeps: That means you are a Nigerian.

Alaye: I said one of them aiight, you must listen, I’m mixed. I’m Nigerian, Jamaican and Grunado I’m mixed that’s why I look like this.

Keeps: You look good and I learnt you are so good with the ladies based on your interview with Hip Hop World, it’s like you have a lot of baby mamas

Alaye: I’m so glad you put that up, that is the worst article I’ve ever read about myself in my life. I don’t know where they got that information they said I had eight children with seven baby mamas, it’s not true it’s not true at all. You know I got two kids and that’s it, with one baby mama. And that’s it, I don’t know where eight came from, they tried to put me pass Fela but you know...

Keeps: Ok (laughs) it’s alright.

Alaye: Ah, ah (laughs) we can clear that up right here now.

Keeps: But you seem to be very cool that’s one thing I notice about you. You are just extra ordinarily cool so what’s it like, is that the attitude you are putting into your music as a rapper?

Alaye: That’s just me, it’s just my personality I’ve always been cool because I don’t like to get hype or angry ’cause it’s not good. You know I’m just a cool person I’m a humble person, I love people, they love me and I don’t really have an ego so that’s why I’m just so always cool.

Keeps: Did you drop an album before now or this is your first album.

Alaye: This is my first album, this is gonna be my debut album, first ever album, that’s another thing to clear up from that Hip Hop World. They said I had an album before; I’ve never had an album. And I’m about to take over the world. The album is called Fly. The album is Fly, so the concept behind it is lift up, take off, you know I’m about to soar through the sky and never to come down.

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