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J-Martins Interview

Keeps: The Good or Bad video

JM: The original concept of that video was meant to be outside that’s the truth but because of rain we opted to go indoors and make the video and the only thing we could do, not to act drama was just to come there and have fun and that’s what we did.

Keeps: Right now many people know who J-Martins is but before now where were you, how did you start the music thing?

JM: The music thing has been there a lot of people knew me more as a producer than an artiste but that is not to say the artiste is not there, you see it’s very interesting the question you asked, many people didn’t know me but now they know me. Let me give you a very good example, Obama used to be a senator we all used to know him as a senator but now he is a president so there are two things. I’ve been there; I’ve been there for past a decade though.

Keeps: And you said you produced could you just list one or two people you produced for

JM : There are so many of them. P. Square is one, not really production… I’m always a co-producer on P.Square’s project not producer, because they do their production but I come on it as a co-producer. You have Banky W, you have 2face’s current project I think I have one or two on it, 9ice’s new project, I’m working on it I think I have a song there.

Keeps: What label are you signed to or you are just working independently?

JM: I have a record label, I’m signed to my own record label but there are other co-executives on the record label it’s not like one person thing so I’m only a picture you see but there are people that do the decisions.

Keeps: What’s the name of your album?

JM: Get Serious

Keeps: The sales?

JM: Well we’ve passed a million copies in six weeks sales from the time it was released that was 5th of September so you know how many weeks we’ve gone now. I’m actually trusting God by December after Christmas we must have passed 3 million audios sales.

Keeps: Do you have any other plan for the album maybe you want to shoot more videos?

JM: More videos definitely are coming but I can’t tell you when but soon. I’m not the kind of artiste that rushes in what I do, I take my time if you check when the song and the album came out, was when nobody was ready to drop anything I watch what I do, I do some constructive calculations and then most important thing that I don’t forget which is actually the number one thing that I do is God, if He doesn’t say move aint moved anywhere.

Keeps: That means you are religious.

JM: Highly

Keeps: How is your relationship with P- square?

JM: My relationship with P-square, family, brothers, not from the same father and mother but brothers.

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