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MC Shakara

Shakara a protégé of AY is funnier than you think

Keeps: The first time I saw you, you gave a performance in a church, that was a long time ago and subsequently you’ve been on other shows, clubs everywhere but right now I learnt you are out of Jos and you are now based in Lagos when did you actually leave Jos?

Shakara: Em, actually, I like the way you use get my background, I started from the church I always acknowledge that fact, understand, and one thing, at a point in time I be wan go astray I was doing comedy carelessly you understand I’ll be performing in clubs here and there but right now I do comedy with class I don’t do vulgar jokes I can perform in clubs if you invite me. I will do clean jokes understand so I do more of Gospel comedy now and jokes that can just glorify the name of God. That’s what I do now.

Keeps: Are you trying to use that as an avenue to actually create a class for yourself?

Shakara: Yes I really want to distinguish myself I don’t want to be careless so I just want to use my office to be closer to God so anytime I remember that I am doing gospel comedy I’m actually connecting to God so I just want to use it to guide myself

Keeps: Don’t you think that can perhaps stop you from making as much as you can, because the more versatile a comedian is, the better the money, don’t you think along that line?

Shakara: Ehen, I think so but the truth is that any client will want a comedian that he or she can trust that this comedian will not go vulgar so this guy does more of gospel comedy we trust him already, so I believe it’s going to even fetch me more money.

Keeps: So when did you actually leave Jos for Lagos because that was the first question?

Shakara: Ok, Yah, early ‘08 no sorry, I left ‘07 but I was not going to stay just to go do one or two shows come back try to dey see weytin dey but I took the decision to leave final ‘08 you understand not that I left Jos finally I am still coming during events ...If Jos can pay me my worth now, I’ll come and do shows in Jos every day.

Keeps: So when you talk about your worth what are we looking at what is the figure like?

Shakara: Hmn, the truth is comedy no get fixed amount, the money dey fluctuate like network one bar fit enter today another bar go comot so it all depends on the client so we know how to deal with our clients it’s negotiable.

Keeps: Have you ever performed in all these other big comedy shows like a night of a thousand laughs, crack your ribs?

Shakara: Yah, I’ve performed at night of a thousand laughs the first one was in Jos, this recent night of a thousand laughs in Lagos October 1st I performed and I did wonderfully well, we went to kanduna I performed, I performed in AY live, the CD is on sale. I performed at Basketmouth Laughs and Jams, Laff Café, Glo campus storm, a lot of big shows you know, I don try.

Keeps: So what’s your experience in Lagos like, this is a Jos boy in Lagos now.

Shakara: Yah, initially the challenge was big they are like Aboki comedian, they were calling us Aboki comedian by the time they gave me the chance I did one or two events they now said the guy is tight I actually went in for a competition in Lagos not that I wanted to compete because I want to show myself, I wanted to use it as an avenue to portray myself as a comedian in Lagos so I went for the AY open MIC night you know, my friend Seyi Law won the first edition I won the second edition that was what really brought me out.

Keeps: I learnt AY open MIC night has some advantages attached to the victory, like, if you win they might put you on a Night of a thousand laughs or Opa Williams can also set you up, was there any set up?

Shakara: Yes that’s why I’m here you know formerly when we were in Jos the big shows that were coming from Lagos, like this, we come to lobby to perform we beg them that please we want to perform we are comedians here but now they paid me from Lagos to come through AY, because they knew AY has boys, so we are like AY boys no matter who you are you have to serve somebody someday somehow, you know, to elevate you. So the AY open mic night, a lot of things are attached, number one they give you fifty thousand that one is Just… you know for the victory.

Keeps: And you got that?

Shakara: Yes I got that, after that a lot of things, they connect you to shows, events, all those things.

Keeps: So what can you say about AY as a comedian that is actually bringing other comedians up?

Shakara: AY, make I use this opportunity talk am again, I don talk am before, God go bless AY for me if he is reading this God go bless him if he is not reading this God will still bless him you understand AY has been a father to me in the comedy industry you understand, the encouragement the push, you know… not every comedian will do that trying to bring more people into the industry, give them chance no, no, no, I think AY is doing a great Job… for now

AY is the most creative comedian in Nigeria take it from me he is very creative he has got style I just like him.

Keeps: And how are Lagos girls now?

Shakara: Hmn eh leave the erima ‘em the erima they will always come but you have to be careful

Keeps: You called them erima, what’s…

Shakara: Erima erima that’s what we call them in Lagos.

Keeps: Erima?

Shakira- Hun hun, if you listen to China music erima say… mo we just leave am. So den dey dia sha but me by the grace of God I’m working towards marriage

Keeps: Ok

Shakara: Yes working towards marriage coupled with school, work and everything I just try, na God hand everything dey

Keeps: But what you do for now is strictly comedy.

Shakara: Strictly is comedy but I will start a programme in PTFL this film school in Lagos I’m doing a directing course I’m just a diploma holder I don’t lie when I’m doing interview.

Keeps: What course?

Shakara: Library and Information Science.

Keeps: Ok, from which school?

Shakara: ABU Zaria. I’m just a friend to UJ, a lot people don’t know I was coming from Zaria to shows; for the sake of UJ I will leave Zaria to come, you understand, I stayed in Jos I schooled in Zaria every event in UJ I would be there I’m a friend to UJ they’ve given me like two awards, friend to the school and very versatile comedian and all that so

Keeps- So thank you very much.

Shakara- I’m very grateful too.

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