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Mind Controllers

Alicia keys’ song “try sleeping with a broken heart” starts with a very strong line- “Even if you were a million miles away, I can still feel you in my bed”. Baaaad guy Ba? Wrong!! Cool chick, super cool chick. And are such chicks still around? Absolutely. But they come in short supply and the few we have, we are losing fast. And hey it’s not their fault. We are pushing them too hard. And by “we” I mean those of us in the entertainment and media world-the trend setters-propagators of pop culture. Yeah, I know what you are thinking, dude; he is selling out on his peeps! Not really. Our job is to inform, educate and entertain you sometimes despites ourselves and our pockets-the latter especially.

Sometimes we get so engrossed in selling ideas, hearing the crowd scream, listening to reviews on radio, making magazine appearances and smiling to the banks that we lose sight of what we teach the public especially our “tender”, “susceptible” and “believing” women folk. Let me say it this way. Is your girl all of a sudden demanding that you buy her a Black Berry? Is she admiring your neighbors’ ML 320? Has she stopped eating at mama put but will only patronize chic restaurants? Has she started looking at labels when she buys clothes? If no, you are one lucky mo-fo. But if yes, she is gone.

We the media goons have her. How do you think we did it? No voodoo, no witch craft, just a grand scheme aided by technology. A geek named McLuhan in 1960 called it electric circuitry - Adverts, songs, music videos, movies, novels, soft sell magazines, thin ass women defined as the epitome of beauty, fashion statements. We tell them in a way that God made the Tall, Dark and Handsome (TDH) guys and the shorter and not so pretty ones?, probably God’s apprentice. They are more confused now than when that serpent guy had a chat with them in the garden a while ago. It’s all mind control.

We have continued to feed them with the dependency syndrome that women do not want to embrace the reality that the same economic condition that applies to them applies to their male counterparts. How much “romantic” stunt can a dude pull in a state starved of job opportunities? How much luxury can he provide when he probably belongs to the 70% living below two dollars a day? Yep! The other dude belonging to the other half is directing all the forces to himself so he would never have to worry about booty calls and media attention. He keeps the 70% dude feeding on his crumbs- A Lazarus situation. Instead of keeping a girl, he (crumbs Negro), keeps a dog. A miserable looking mongrel at that.

But he probably is capable of giving a girl good loving with his limited resources. He could have the right touch, the accurate words and the heart for selflessness. But poor him, he is not “media defined”, TDH and what have you. So our girls are at the mercy of something utterly unreal and virtual. Are there cool, loving media defined gentlemen? Absolutely, there are a few of us. That is why we recognize the danger. Our minds are still relatively pure, relatively.

So how do you prevent them from falling victim? Show them this piece. Now they know the potential damage. It is like medicine, we have diagnosed the problem, and the treatment begins soon. Watch out for part two. TO GOD BE THE GLORY. Sounds familiar right?

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