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Seyi’s law in the comedy game is that you surpass the records of your colleagues whether dead or ali

Seyi Law

Keeps: Can we meet you?

Seyi Law: My name is Idileoye Oluwaseyitan Lawrence but people prefer to call me Seyi Law because of my act, I am a comedian

Keeps: Right now everybody just enjoyed your performance today so I want you to give us an idea of how it all started.

Seyi Law: Ah! For me comedy started a longtime ago that was probably when I was in primary school I was a little shy but when I got to secondary school I was in a boarding school then I remember every social gathering we were having, they used to call me to come and do riddles and jokes and that was how I was able to build my confidence and the Lord really helped me and from there it’s been a wonderful one. Eventually I started professionally in 2006 after I won that open mic night by AY that was September 2006 that was when comedy started professionally for me and it’s never been a dull moment since then.

Keeps: What’s your strategy like?

Seyi Law: My strategy is just trying to be myself all the time because I’ve come to build my life around comedy and one thing I’ve always told myself… I want to surpass the record of any comedian whether dead or alive and the best way to do that is to make comedy a part of you and that is what I do and that is what makes me happy.

Keeps: And I know there is money in comedy industry right now… (He cuts in)

Seyi Law: My brother anybody who tells you there is no money in comedy, tell the person that the person is still dreaming; there is real money. We are yet to harness the full potential that comedy can bring.

Keeps: What will be your own candid advice for the youths who want to do something in the entertainment industry?

Seyi Law: What I just tell people is try to be you, I tell people that the you in you is the real you. Once you are trying to be somebody else it takes lot of energy to be that person a lot of practice to behave like that person a lot of practice to act like that person so the best thing if you want to harness your full potential just try to be you. When you express yourself people get to appreciate you more. If you try to be someone else you become second person to that person but when you try to be yourself I can tell you, you will excel wherever you go.

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