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Ikechukwu Life and Times of killz vol 1 Album Review

Life and Times of killz vol 1 Album Review

Ikechukwu sings beautifully, Life and times of Killz vol 1 would have been one of the coolest hip hop rap albums in Naija If killz had not included da intro a track with duration of 5min 2 sec which chronicles the childhood of Ikechukwu and his sojourn overseas. da intro, a revealing piece laced with good diction, lacks style and rhythm, its position as the second track on the album is risky; a first time listener might go with the impression that the rest of the tracks follow this pattern.

The photograph of killz in the freezing cold isn’t attractive for a CD Jacket. It is hard to make a marketing sense of that; you must be Asa to pull a stunt like that, Ikechukwu’s melodious rap delivery is commendable the joints finding killz, shobeedoo, back to you and wonderful sustain interest, he has got a good chemistry with the producers Xela and TY mix. Sometimes you get that Eminem feel when Killz kicks a fast rhyme, this is amusing.

Life and times of killz vol 1 is more of freestyle; the rapper’s interest dwells largely on the girls he keeps fooling around with in most of the tracks.

The first verse of we go hard a delivery of MI is worth a rewind, the collaboration of Mo Hits crew on wind am well is beautiful, in my opinion, if similar collaboration had constituted most of the tracks with such artistes as Durela, Terry G, and Ekwe the album Life and times of killz vol 1 would have been a blast.

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