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ILL BLISS Dat Ibo Boy Album Review

Dat Ibo Boy Album Review

ILL BLISS commands respect with DAT IBO BOY album, the newly married emcee delivers like a true thorough bred. What I make of ILL BLISS’ debut album: is not what ILL says but how he says it. He has got delivery power; you could feel that excitement all through the twenty one tracks on the album.

DAT IBO BOY is an album for true hip hop music lovers. There is wisdom in his use of flexibility. The album could be broken down to the concept of beginning, middle and end.

ILL BLISS keeps you bouncing from U Go Wound to Don’t Dirty My Shirt (Beginning) As he keeps exploring modern hip hop sound, you get that Naija feel from Enuf Space (Aiye po gan) with the solid contribution of Terry G. Glory gives you that snap rap music. Micworx beats have that touch of genius, Feeling U is creative, the Leader’s instrumental plus the rendition of another banger from the zanga ILL BLISS Durela yes I’m a leader make the joint infectious.

For the listeners with that golden age addiction, Tobechukwu ushers you into that world (Middle) the rendition of no dey talk from the side of your mouth before you get slapped across your face cure your craze, ILL BLISS dat Ibo boy and B-elect, thoroughbreds in the area show respect is an attestation to the earlier comment about ILL BLISS’ delivery power, the picture of an emcee thoroughly schooled in the classics is painted here, the climax, National Cake, a tightly packaged joint produced by Jonah the Monarch presents the real Nigerian situation, at this point ILL BLISS wins my respect.

ILL BLISS’ love and fondness for his better half reflects greatly on the album Waje and C-mion deserve commendation with their back up. In conclusion, DAT IBO BOY cannot be pigeon-holed as a freestyle offer, the message in Limelite and Change is that of activism for hip hop preservation. Beneath the swagger lies the real life of ILL BLISS which he shares in Uwa Afufu[Life]

The choruses of Tobechukwu and Uwa Afufu give the album that African touch; I will forgive ILL BLISS for not being a rigid follower of rhymes, great album.

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