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MI Abaga Talk About It Album Review

Talk About It Album Review

I will go like Denzel Washington in the movie He Got Game. MI is the truth in the Nigerian hip hop scene with the skill and delivery his TALK ABOUT IT album carries he is what Earwin Monroe the basketball player represented in the playground, in the street of Philadelphia, the player they called Jesus, Black Jesus.

MI’s TALK ABOUT IT album is the proof to the fact that the surface of everything Nigerian has not been scratched when it comes to making a good hip hop album with Nigerian content.

TALK ABOUT IT album runs with little or no curse word, the album doesn’t leave you room to skip a track; every eighteen track that makes up the album is worth listening to. The intro, the skits in between the songs only heighten the feel good material.

The arrangement of tracks, would take any hip hop music lover there with a shocker track 9 offers as Blaise got featured on the track blaze, her rendition of you know me now will kill you and her rap gets you buried. The creativity I sensed here is that, the club banging single didn’t include this touch but TALK ABOUT IT album does.

The track 4 short black boy carries so much tranquility but would still rock you at the same time.

It is worthy of note that MI and Jesse Jags produced all the tracks on the album except track 11 fast money fast cars produced by Kraft.

MI can sing, track 14 forever presents a flawless switch between rapping and singing. The TALK ABOUT IT’s core assertion is mixture of social message, party, feel good and consciousness.

Another notch to MI’s belt is the fact that no other Naija rap album for now has got skits that blend like MI’s. Random Guy buying blaze from Dodgy Guy is the bomb. Advert execs can do stuff with this guy known as MI.

One more thing about MI’s TALK ABOUT IT album, is a rap CD you don’t listen to twice before you fall for it. MI takes you there out rightly.

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