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Modenine The Paradigm Shift Album Review

The Paradigm Shift Album Review

The Paradigm Shift album presents an unrepentant Mode 9 whose quest to maintain the sole of hip hop as a purist remains unchanged. Whoever picks up the album with the hope of getting a friendlier follow up to E’pluribus Unum would be shocked as the lyricist takes you underground with twenty two straight joints without a skit.

Mode 9 is doing a good job with his ability to fish out unusual producers whose beats tell only one thing; the hip hop has come to stay in the mother land. The beats from Jonah the Monarch, Mendo, Apprentice, Jesse Jags and Kraft would make any hip hop head envy green white green.

The Paradigm shift is not an album you digest at a go. It is an effort you keep appreciating per play. A hallmark of hip hop classic, his skillful use of word play adds to this success.

The Paradigm Shift, a.k.a War Tactics, pardon my poetic license, presents a perfect decoy with the track talking to you while death blow (coup de grace) pt 1 reveals an unbelievable cold Modo in a lyrical attack on Ruggedman, a dual purpose beef- supremacy and record sales.

One of my favourite joints on the album is the track 11 produced by Mendo my skin is black featuring Sage, a pro black song.

To be blunt, Mode 9 is selfish, he focuses on his love for hip hop and maintains a regular diss on wack emcees all though the album. This position reaches a climax with the track a hero comes home. One can’t rule out the fact that the album carries a touch of sexuality.

The social message tracks on the album are self-induced but this strengthens the impact of the songs. To afro hip hop loving fans, Sound Sultan comes beautifully on the track green passport remix. Spartans is creative; if you have seen 300, this joint evokes the pictorial pulses, an effect tied to a thoughtful use of samples from the movie. The soulful vocals on the album make it a beautiful piece. The tracks follow ur heart and nine must be mentioned here. The dance hall lovers won’t forget The Paradigm Shift album in a hurry with input from such cats as Mallam Spicey and Oso Sense.

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