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DJ Humility Interview

STV Top 10 makes a viewer quite nostalgic; you are transported to the good old days of MTV Yo Raps. The success of this show cannot be completed without the input of DJ Humility.

Keeps: Can we meet you?

DJ Humility: My names are Benedict Afagwu but popularly known as DJ Humility.

Keeps: DJ Humility, you’ve played music back to Nigerian audience at various big shows in the country, so what can you really say about the entertainment industry in Nigeria?

DJ Humility : We are growing and we will get there.

Keeps: I also notice, you are always on Silver Bird studio for Top Ten and that show is huge, how did you get there?

DJ Humility: First of all I am a staff of Silver Bird. Top 10 is an idea I and JJ brought together and then we worked on it. It’s really working out, so people are feeling it.

Keeps: You are huge right now, what’s your advice to other DJs out there who look up to you as an idol?

DJ Humility: Well, first of all they should always have it in mind that their determination today makes something tomorrow. If they are sincere, if they face what they are doing, determine to achieve it. It is just, determination today makes success tomorrow. They need to be determined.

Keeps: And what’s it about your bling bling because every time we see you on the show the way the camera zooms in to your wrist watch your chains and everything. Are you more like a rapper or what?

DJ Humility: Well I’m a DJ, so DJs are the fathers of rappers, you know it all started out... that’s just the tradition even in the US, UK I’ve been around the world, this is how we dress this is how we look like.

Keeps: But these days, DJs’ flights are booked for, hotel accommodation arranged, they are living large, but was it like this let’s say ten years ago?

DJ Humility: Well, way back DJs were not respected, you know, thank God for DJ Jimmy Jatt who was really... he is one of the pioneers of modern DJing.

Keeps: Ok

DJ Humility: In the US, in the UK you see that they respect DJs even more than the artistes. If Funk Master Flex is going for a show they regard him more than Snoop Dogg they regard him more than the big artistes in the US. So that’s how it ought to be. DJs are meant to be respected because they are the ones that play those songs on the radio. They make the hits; you understand what I’m saying. In the parties, on the radio, clubs, night clubs they need to be respected.

Keeps: If I come to your sitting room right now as a guest, what CDs will I find in your sound system?

DJ Humility: Ahh I prefer to listen to African music forget the fact that I do hip hop and blah, blah, blah but sometimes there are some good songs, you know when you listen to real African music you get inspired. For example Oliver de Coque anything (laughs) but it just has to be African.

Keeps: In one word what will you say to youths out there who are trying to become something in future because in Nigeria the economy is bad let’s just be sincere, so what advice do you have for them?

DJ Humility: I don’t believe you when you said Nigerian economy is bad, no, no, no, it used to be bad. But for me now, I think we are growing. And for God’s sake we had the MTV Africa Music Awards, first of its kind in Africa. So men, I won’t say it’s bad we are growing. Entertainment is really growing in Nigeria, so it’s nice.

Keeps: I’ve noticed so many ladies show you love, so how do you treat all these... I won’t call them groupies but they come around you always, so how is it like you know you are in the business tell us.

DJ Humility: Well I don’t know, I don’t know if I’m ladies’ man (laughs) you can see I’m big and fat (laughs) I don’t know why they show love. It’s all good.

Keeps: And one thing is that, on that Top Ten that show, you know it looks like the old school MTV’s Yo Raps

DJ Humility: There used to be Yo raps, you understand what I’m saying, you know that is just the culture we have to bring it back and the good thing about it is that all our artistes are all Nigerian artistes. We are trying to promote Nigerian hip hop culture so that’s just it.

Keeps: That means you’ve been in the game way back.

DJ Humility: Definitely yes.

Keeps: DJ humility you are like a rapper, you are a bit different so to speak, do we expect a mixtape from you?

DJ Humility: Way back I started as a rapper before I now got into the DJ’ing business... you asked a question?

Keeps: Are we expecting a mixtape from you?

DJ Humility: Definitely, I’m working on it I don’t want to say anything I don’t want to talk too much on it but I will tell you it’s in the pipeline.

Keeps: It’s been nice having this conversation with you.

DJ Humility: Thank you very much.

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