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Game Boy Movie Review

Game Boy Movie Review

The introduction of cell phones in West Africa doesn’t just aid communication; it also improves the art of seduction. Game boy, a movie under the distribution stable of OJ films, has got Ghanaian setting with beautiful casts.

Game Boy is a scam tale with the powerful use of seduction; it has got beauty and good acting as its box office success.

This DV/HD format movie scored some beautiful shots with the use of close ups. The scene where Sidi (Nadia Buari) agrees on a dinner date with frank (Najid Michael) reflects this, likewise their first kissing scene.

The camera movement is typical of the Nollywood directorial style, Frank Rajah Arase didn’t step up on this. The car chase in the movie would have been spectacular if stunt men were employed to carry out the chase.

The movie script is rich in words but the line…it is pawn by pawn, bishop by bishop then check mate… would have been substituted with…I’m strategizing the moves from my mental chess board, I will check mate them in due time...It appears the scriptwriter knows very little about the game of chess. The act of brandishing guns at every slight provocation by daughters of men of status is not convincing and it is not African.

The intimacy and rich language employed in the movie would keep it around for a while. If you love flirting, then this is your movie.

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