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Jag of All Tradez Album Review

Jag of All Tradez Album Review

JAG OF ALL TRADEZ is a catchy title; a hip hop fan out there would assume Jesse Jagz would be blending hip hop music with other genres. The anticipation for the album is built, the club and radio rocking singles: WETIN DEY, PUMP IT UP, JESSE SWAG, SUGAR CANE BABY, and BEND DOWN LOW send the right signals about the producer extraordinaire.

Jesse’s production skill is rich, when a sexy chorus, the type Munachi supplies meets Jesse’s beats and his mid tempo rap delivery, you get additional sweet joints to the five singles highlighted above. CHOCOLATE and INHALE OUT are made with this formula. But the songs for hip hop heads such as NOBODY TEST ME, MY BROTHER and TAKE OVER are few; could somebody ask Jesse Abaga why?

Jesse Jagz’s got hot singles no doubt, Jesse’s got nothing to lose he has gone mainstream already but you’ll be wondering why the Choc boi would still go ahead and relentlessly court the commercial avenue. None of the eighteen joints in JAG OF ALL TRADEZ is a skit, Jesse’s offer is lengthy. JAG OF ALL TRADEZ would have been left a ten track album.

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