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My Sister’s Tears Movie Review

My Sister’s Tears Movie Review

There is no twist to the tragic story of identical twins Mildred and Melisa played by Mercy Johnson. With little or no twist My sister’s tears is impressive. The thrill of seeing Mercy Johnson get into dual character sustains interest.

She is good in her interpretation of a miserable woman either as Melisa or Mildred. She is being labeled a paranoid woman in both characters but Koby (Mike Ezuronye) is the one who comes close to being a psycho in his mode of affair with the twin sisters.

My sister’s tears is an African story, the parental influence expected when matrimonial situation gets crucial is ruled out in the flick. The development which triggered the show of emotion expressed by Melisa (Mercy Johnson) within the few scenes in the opening of the movie is missing. Some dialogues and reactions are not enough to transport viewers into Melisa’s world.

Felix Ofosu Yeboahr is skilled as a director; his use of long shots and medium shots against a lavish set gives the picture a cinematic feel. The cool hue on the frames that make up the picture, the background and foreground action created by extras make the movie appealing.

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