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Peter P. Square Interview

In Naija music scene and indeed Africa the duo of Peter and Paul aka P.square reigns supreme. They’ve got talent and business acumen working for them and these brothers surely look good.

Peter who is rated among the sexiest men in the industry chats with keeps.

Keeps: Can we meet you?

Peter: My name is Peter, P.Square

Keeps: In Nigeria, P.square is a big deal, everywhere you go people listen to your music and everybody dances to it. I will want to put this straight; right from the beginning of your first album Lastnite the packaging was ok, your dress sense and everything and from there on till now it’s been forward ever movement. What can you say about your style your method and everything you put into music?

Peter: It is because of the love of people; people have really shown us love and at the end of the day we’ve achieved and our music has cut-across Jos, Lagos outside Africa. It’s now going global. It doesn’t really matter the language you use, music is kinda universal so everyone gets to like it, understand. P.square when it comes to packaging we don’t joke with it, even in the next album I’ve been fighting hard to make sure our packaging changes. Packaging even in the sense of after release, what next things to do to like promote the album and all that so.

Keeps: I’ve seen your shows in some of these African countries, you have a way of mixing your tracks into a presentation that would drive the crowd crazy, a little of do me, a little of temptation like that… it’s wonderful.

Peter: Yeah anytime we travel outside the country you don’t expect us to perform for like 30minutes, we perform sometimes three hours. We performed even some songs from Lastnite. Sometimes you think people are just following all the Get Squared album and Game Over album, no, I’m telling you the truth they even know Lastnite, Senorita and the rest of them. Sometimes we love teasing people on stage, we perform a little we stop and hear them scream. Sometimes we allow the fans to sing, just give them the mic and they will be singing the song.

Keeps: So you have a new album coming up again

Peter: Ah yeah

Keeps: What should people expect from this new album of yours?

Peter: If I tell them the album is gonna be the bomb they will be like ok they’ve started again. What I will just tell them is that a lot of people are going to get disappointed.

Keeps: Why?

Peter: Ok, now critics are going to get disappointed, those people that criticize are going to get disappointed, at the end of the day we gonna hit them badly, you know critics don’t know what they’ve done to us or for us because they encourage us a lot they don’t know. They will go ahead ah P.Square don come again the album is not … the album is… so they will always wait, oh let them bring out album is gonna be messed up and all that blah blah so at the end of the day they gonna be disappointed.

Keeps: Your video is as huge as the album itself, like the do me video, everybody was wowed, what will you say about that?

Peter: I will give props to Jude Okoye my manger; my brother and you know our everything. Jude Okoye is some guy who doesn’t joke when it comes to video so and we, we don’t joke P.square came up with the idea you know like you have to bring out a good video for your song to gain more recognition so we came up with the idea and it is really working for us. So we don’t joke with our videos no matter what we do in our album we don’t joke with our videos.

Keeps: I guess the video also sells like the audio

Peter: Yeah, our video sells and even sometimes we just bring out the first video it sells the album like you know the last album within 6 days we’ve sold over a million copies. So the video helped to push, but P.square can release a song without the video and it still sells.

Keeps: Are you a day time person or a night time person or both?

Peter: We stay indoors we don’t really go out that much we always wanna have a moment of relaxing ourselves and doing what we do best.

Keeps: It’s been nice having this conversation with you.

Peter: Thank you very much.

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