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Crotch Grabbing

I guess you’ve seen a few rappers do it at one show or the other and since they won’t tie their shoe lace and secondly they flaunt sagging pants and the next thing you see, they grab their Crotch and they go yo! yo! It’s all good abi?

Crotch grabbing in rap music is surely fascinating to rap lovers but this ‘’swag’’ isn’t cool outside rap music, imagine President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan making a presidential address and he goes ‘’Yo! Wuz up homies this is GEJ coming at cha! I’d like to give my shout outs to my chief security officers but first let me grab my crotch, yeah Mr camera man make sure you get a close up on that’’ Wow! It is funny right?

But there is a psychology behind this rap related behaviour, Shawn Corey Carter gives an explanation: "In hip-hop, the music leads first. So usually, you have a hit record and then [the record executives] throw this person on stage who has never been on stage before. So they don't have any experience on how to perform in front of people, hold the mic — all these different things you need to know as a performer. So you get up there, you feel naked. So when you feel naked, what's the first thing you do? You cover yourself. So that bravado is an act of, 'I am so nervous right now. I am scared to death. I'm going to act so tough that I am going to hide it, and I have to grab my crotch.' That's just what happens."

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