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Everybody Loves Ice Prince Album Review

Everybody Loves Ice Prince Album Review

Ice Prince Zamani raps well, get it, the lyrical prowess Ice Prince exhibited as guest artist on other people’s records drew attention hence anticipation for Everybody Loves Ice Prince a.k.a ELI was huge. Ice does not fall below the standard he’s created, but the rap heads among Zamani’s fans would have preferred a lyrical step up from the Oleku rapper whose debut album is wisely tailored for a wider demography. The highlife touch on Baby and By This Time is beautiful, also ELI has a rich injection of Reggae/Ragga tongue, sorry heads, Ice Prince is probably making a good trade-off and he doesn’t seem to consider the need for limits.

Jay Z is known for being very careful with the rate at which RnB songs get used on his records, the shorter the supply, the better the record, this wisdom would have definitely strengthened the sound of ELI had it been applied. When will rap and beat unite without the intrusion of chorus, the rap on ELI is cool no doubt but some of the songs just dampen the good stuff.

Zamani throws caution to the winds with his use of Ni**a, s**t and F word on this record. The flawless arrangement of tracks that makes it hard for a listener to skip any, maintained by the Chocboiz honcho isn’t achieved on ELI. But all the same, Ice Prince is still got some killer flow to bank on; he goes like this on Juju: fake friends, they pretend with the smileys, yellow and white every time they reply me. But that’s bullshit, me I’m on some new shit, if you got beef, homie chop it up deuces…I’m complete homie, your whole street know me, I bring pain to the beat that’s me Tony.

Wassup Wassup is a superb cut even without Tuface’s touch. ELI also gives Ice Prince more room to flex his pidgin rap prowess; the emcee is flawless on the pidgin mode.

Ice Prince gave his J.Town homies (Yung L and J-Milla) a platform with the track Magician and the J.Town’s next rated hit makers maintain a magical delivery. Ice makes greater impact whenever his flows get personal; Find You and Somebody Lied are some good evidence.

Everybody Loves Ice Prince cannot be complete without the stand out productions of Superstar’s producer Jesse Jags who supplies about 75% of the beats on the album.

Whenever Chocboiz come together to make a song, it stands out, it’s been going on like this for a while now, Thank You will be their fourth offer in the series and it is getting more exciting, listen to Jesse Jags: bone, see I’m a simple guy, some of the fuckers call me the pimple guy, they can’t feel their legs, the cripple guys…Life is a bitch, me yansh tire, Ice got too many shoes, we dash tire, Brymo, hmm a fast fire, MI, Chocboiz, mass choir.

Listening to ELI, it can’t go without notice that Ice Prince constantly drops words of encouragement for every average homie on a steady hustle to keep pushing on and thereby fulfilling his own social responsibility in the process.

Had the flows more sick, Ice more personal and unnecessary sing song cut short, ‘’everybody’’ would have loved Ice Prince.

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