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Jeffrey Daniel

Jeffrey Daniel a Michael Jackson’s choreographer! Wait a minute, for those of us who were kids in the 80s, if we could remember, our big brothers used to brag about Shalamar, yes, Jeffrey Daniel was a founder of that group, theirs was a group to respect in the disco scenes of that era, what a great track record, and dude left the United States of America for Naija after a few years in Japan and that’s really commendable, the legendary dancer’s contribution as one of the judges on Nigerian Idol is indeed encouraging, he always stresses the need for the contestants to make every song they render theirs. But Jeffrey Daniel’s appearance sometimes might make you a little bit uncomfortable, his hairdo and his dress sense come to mind here but apart from this, Jeffrey is a great judge who couldn’t hide his love and admiration for Mercy’s musical talents and trust the young Mercy who’s ever ready to push the envelope, she got Jeffrey Daniel exhibiting some alanta dance steps, an interesting sight.

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