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Naeto C Interview

A lot has been said about Naeto C with shades of opinion coming from different quarters but one thing stands, the MTV Africa Music Award winner shines with ease.

Keeps: One thing I have noticed about you is that your style of music is unique. You came with Kini big deal and everybody loves it. You are quite different; you are not going out like every other rapper so what’s the idea behind it?

Naeto C: I think there is no deliberate idea behind it, you just have to be yourself and you know, push yourself to the best of your ability and you know at some point you come out shining.

Keeps: These days we’ve been seeing you with the cap, is there any idea behind it?

Naeto C: The only idea is that I am a Nigerian so wherever I am in the world you see this cap you can identify me.

Keeps: In sound city music video awards you were noted as the best dressed artist on that day.

Naeto C: He ya

Keeps: Right now the...

Naeto C: The Hausa Cap

Keeps: (laughs) so?

Naeto C: I know they are watching me but we can only thank God that I’ve become like an icon in the society. It’s God’s grace.

Keeps: I learnt lately the Storm Records; they have marketing strategy outside Nigeria which is very good for the industry, what can you say about that?

Naeto C: I mean it’s always good to market you know outside Nigeria as well as in Nigeria you know through that way the artiste is known globally and get more shows and get more fans. You know, being part of the music business at the end of the day you want to be able to get music to as many people as possible so that they can appreciate your music and then acceptance.

Keeps: How is Sasha because everybody says Sasha is your girlfriend?

Naeto C: But you know that Sasha is not my girlfriend so Sasha is my sister, she is my friend we work together in Storm, she is fine she is doing OK.

Keeps: what would be your words to those aspiring emcees who would want to maybe someday shine like you?

Naeto C: Rap music is not for everybody, sometimes being an artiste is not for anybody, your calling might be back stage, might be a manager, might be an engineer you have to look inward and find out what your calling is, your calling is not something that you labour too hard to do and you will never get anywhere, your calling is something that you don’t labour too hard to do but you are just good at it. Once you have that, hard work and consistency.

Keeps: But apart from music what other things do you do?

Naeto C: I do other stuff but I won’t say it, that’s Naeto. You know there is Neato C and there is Neato, I like to try and keep my private life private.

Keeps: It’s nice meeting you thank you very much.

Naeto C: Thank you very much.

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