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Terry G Interview

Terry G redefines swagger. He holds nothing back from the studios to the videos, plus electrifying stage performances. He is getting much love by the day and the crowd can’t wait to feel his swag.

Keeps: Everybody calls you Mr. Bling Bling now, how did you come with that?

Terry G: It is just a marketing strategy, you know, it is show biz, when you say show biz, show- showing yourself, business is what you do. It is not like you don’t know what you are doing but you are trying to create awareness to your fans out there, so that is why I just came up with it. It is not like they call me only Mr. Bling Bling, there are many names they call me.

Keeps: Like?

Terry G: Mr. Bling Bling, Swagger Swagger, Ginger Ginger, Intellectual, Spiritual and so on.

Keeps: You got that swagger too, when I saw you on Ill Bliss video mehn! It was as if the video was yours.

Terry G: It is all about the stage, it is all about the attitude it is about what you know how to do best, just keep doing what you know how to do best.

Keeps: Your blings look good and I know these are quite expensive.

Terry G: I thank God.

Keeps: You are not saying anything about how much they cost?

Terry G: No, they are for my fans.

Keeps: I monitored your attendance at Hip Hop World Awards nominees’ party, there was this attire you put on, and you were like your mum chose it for you?

Terry G: Yeah.

Keeps: But then the attire was more like Ibo’s but I don’t think you are an Ibo?

Terry G: I’m not Ibo, it’s just traditional, we were supposed to dress in a traditional way, I just had to go on that way you know, to create controversy so don’t be surprised when you see me with tasbih, you will ask me if I’m a Christian or Muslim or tomorrow you see me with the rosary, you will ask me if I’m a Christian or Muslim, just controversy.

Keeps: And I know you are close to your mum?

Terry G: Yeah, mos def.

Keeps: How did she feel when she saw you smoking on Ill Bliss’ video?

Terry G: How did she feel?

Keeps: Yeah

Terry G: I don’t think my mum has seen that video, she knows Gabriel is different from Terry G. That is the fact.

Keeps: This beef between you and AY.COM; he believes you perform pass me your love every time you go on stage, he is getting worried over this, his point is that you have taken over the track, how do you handle this?

Terry G: It is just a small issue that we’ve sorted out, you get, it’s a collabo, you see P.Square performing oway and J-Martins is not complaining because it is a collabo, collabo means a man and a woman, giving birth to a kid, so nobody can claim the kid, pass me your love is not for me, you get, but when the crowd demands for it I will definitely perform it.

Keeps: You’ve got this swagger thing going on, nobody does it like you do, and even 2 Shot commends your swag on his video.

Terry G: It has to do with doing what you know how to do best, when I say ginger your swagger, putting ingredients into what you do.

Keeps: Then Tile Tile?

Terry G: Tile Tile means the homely girl that could act as a wife, that could do things, that could cook for you, that you won’t afford to spend the money outside, go to eateries and all that, Iyawo ile lonje be [that’s house wife]

Keeps: You are a producer with banging beats, where do you get your inspiration from?

Terry G: Yeah, its God, and my inspiration is from the street, I get inspired by my environment.

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