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Mo’ Cheddah Interview

Your stage performance is sexy and energy-filled in one.

It just happens, I love to perform, I love to entertain people, that is what makes me excited, like when I’m performing and somebody is smiling and dancing, I’ll be like wow! I love to make people happy, that is my high.

If you have to choose one of these: dancing, singing and rapping which one will you choose

Singing and rapping. I sing as an artist, every artist can switch, you know, its music. Music is an expression it’s more than just words, it’s feeling, today you sob, tomorrow you cry, you know, it’s emotion. If I want to sing I can sing, if I want to rap, I rap. It’s a state of mind. When I listen to instrumental, what comes to me what I can play with is what I do, I just let the music move me.

I have interviewed a couple of male celebrities, when I ask them who is the lady they find attractive, your name keeps coming out

I feel honoured when people say they think I’m sexy or they think I’m pretty, like you are so pretty, I can say I’m humble, every time I hear I’m like thank you. It’s a compliment.

What do you wear on a regular day?

I love shorts, big sun glasses, no makeup.

Describe your ideal man.

My ideal man is God fearing, he is confident in himself, he knows who he is, he knows his God, he loves his God, he is hardworking, you have to have survival instincts as a man, you have to fight if you want to have the world. I like tall guys, I love dark guys, I love guys that dress well. I love guys that pay attention to how they dress and how they look, not guys that just wear anything. Yeah, I like a guy that loves me. If you love me the way I want you to love, it works fine.

What part of you will you describe the sexiest?

I love my hand and feet because they are soft and yellow, they are the lightest parts of my body. But that is not what people will call sexy but I still like them.

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