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Naeto C Super C Season Album Review

Super C Season Album Review

Dropping a hip hop album in this age and time requires hard work, the rap game in Naija has evolved over the years, the subjects addressed, the beats and the lyrics are getting richer, an emcee or a rapper can’t afford to be lazy on any track. Construction of a sentence doesn’t make the rap but the choice of words, slangs and the delivery. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine]
It is important a premise of this nature is given before Naeto C’ Super C Season is touched. Everything is in the title they say, when a rapper officially assumes the super man status and takes charge of a given season, let’s say the period Ten Over Ten single got released, Naeto C is expected to lyrically earn that super emcee or super c title on every music he makes but Super C Season album climaxes with the tracks Naeto offers while singing. Naeto C makes a better singer than a rapper especially when he sings in his native language. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine]
Afuru’m gi nanya reveals a melodious Naeto, likewise 5 and 6 and Ten Over Ten. But Naeto C doesn’t get much props as a rapper, as an emcee with Msc, Naeto C’s lyrics are supposed to ooze intellect but instead Naeto C rhymes as if the audience don’t count, in Duro Naeto goes ‘‘you are the type that I meet in the club that refuse to give her number or maybe you are more like a type that I meet in the club that wanna go bumper to bumper’’. Four words will be apt for this message and a tighter rhyme is made instead of a compound sentence. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine]
Naeto C maintains I don’t care attitude with a monotonous style of delivery even when Ikon supplied a killer beat on déjà vu (our drinks) accompanied by a soulful vocal supplied by an unknown artiste, Naeto C’s rap fails to complement the rich production. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]Terry G, Omawumi, Asa, YQ and So Sick’s contributions could be felt on Super C Season which is about bragging and girlfriends.

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