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So why do you brag about the fact that you sag? A display of manhood or a revelation of what you want to expose; your rag? That piece of fabric is meant to cover your genitals-ON THE INSIDE But you reveal first a little, and then a little isn’t enough so you now leave it to walk on to THE OUTSIDE. So I guess your Jeans is Bonnie and your brief is what? Clyde? And just so you know, that’s not a hip-hop code. So go down the day of the real hip hop dudes and beg to travel that glory road cos Jeans didn’t fall low. Belts even hardly show(ed) because they stayed tight by their waist lines. Nobody bothered about what they wore They only spat real truth and more truths to cover the many lies and the holes the likes of you bore…and more. But so so so already so sad The trend has been copied by our kids-photo And they now deep in the moments we never found with Mo So, who knows… Tomorrow‘s beds might not need pillows Cos meters would never only be measured in kilos Well, will the Jeans ever stop hanging low? That’d be like saying Mars is the true birthplace of a man named Bruno.

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