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When some of the early emcees in Naija were still in doubt on what style to kick, 2shotz Umunnamu made you love his debut offer Pirated Copy as a solo artiste, his pidgin rap mode was so street, remember his Alaba boys line? Yeah, 2 connected and T Joe rewarded him. From there on Umunnamu’s made it a duty to drop a studio album every year, a fit only a few can attain, 2shotz gives you gritty description of urban Naija reality of a rap star with an element of humour. His first four albums were strengthened by this but there came a problem for die hard 2shotz fans when Umunnamu switched concept and welcomed an array of stars with backgrounds in different genres of music on I AM WILLIAM his fifth album.

The pure or essential 2hotz is not reflected on this project marred with ‘’stars’’ who gave the album a selection feel, a departure from the previous works of the vet emcee and it is indeed on the down side for the fans who before now had been thrilled with 2shotz’s classic, the Music Business album to be precise, with addictive vibes such as naira in my pocket , owambe, fast money, gentleman... wow! you get essential 2shotz right there!

And just like he named one of his albums, music is indeed a business for 2shots who understands branding without making an overt show of it, the emcee favours the old timers look, pardon my poetic license, 2 is bald, beard and loves brandishing cigar, you could catch him in suit or T shirts dude is cool.

Umunnamu is got delivery that could carry a full length album with little or no guest but he usually pays attention to whoever sings so hot at the moment for collaboration and he gets to feed off shows from hits from such collaborations and since it’s really cool now for rappers to sing, Umunnamu is tapping into that too. B.O.S.S is the title of his next offer it is hoped that the emcee will give his diehard fans that essential 2shotz.

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