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Mississippi Street

Mississippi Street is situated in Maitama district of Abuja. Keeping up with the joneses defines the life style of the residents of Mississippi. On your arrival, it is like a long corridor on the grounds of heaven, beautified with lovely, huge and exotic structures. A considerably quiet street in FCT with slim popularity but its richness screams loud.
It is interesting to note that the cars driven in and out of the condos on that street range from Touaregs, Muranos, Audi TT’s, Range Rovers, Camry all those cars seen in movies are common sight in Mississippi Street, when they are driven by, one’s perfect reflection is almost seen on their surfaces.
The dream of hooking up with the shot callers in this country can be realized right at Mississippi, the Mecca of high and mighty: Senators, Governors, and Permanent Sectaries, the list goes on. Mississippi, though a quiet street nevertheless it seems to be the zone generating the most ‘smoke’ on Abuja soil.

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