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Osama Akpunonu PCFR

“Jos has been designed by God as the home of visitors, so I’m not surprised that despite the negative occurrences, people still go about their businesses.”

The comedian came into Jos 2000 and can proudly say If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere because Jos is the New York of Nigeria. He has refused to leave Jos despite the turmoil because he sees a healthier future for comedy in Jos.

He believes that everyone’s got a talent and should be respected no matter how little their skill is because even animals have talents, it’s just that they do it the animal way; which is the way the animal kingdom states as ok. Lol

He didn’t fail to state that the people living in fear in this town are the same people who spread rumors about extreme terrorism in Jos. The BB craze has muddled the crises situation because Blackberry owners and every other individual with internet access are often quick to make a post in pictures, of dastardly acts perpetrated in maybe 2008, to pass for a 2012 situation. Joblessness and lack of orientation of the youths is what is making our society decay.

One of the anchors of the radio program KNOW WETIN DEY on Rhythm FM Jos, he created the title with the intention of using comedy as a cure-all for societal and national fester like relationship ills, government dereliction of duty, family, health, finance and societal stability.

The brother says marriage isn’t in his agenda. Though he has a girlfriend (because of cos, “no be man I go do nah”); but marriage will have to wait until his career provides a proposal for an engagement.

“Respect your fans because they are the ladder you’ll need to climb up. My fans are my priority”.

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