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Al' Chaddas Alcyclopedia The Mixtape Review

Alcyclopedia The Mixtape Review

I have to give props to Al Chaddas for putting together this project. Al is a J Town based upcoming MC with his debut Alcyclopedia Mixtape on which he delivers a variety of musical styles, the boy got skills.

Alcyclopedia begins with Imma Go Get which passed as a decent joint, Go Ft Terry Tha Rapman and Yung L; this track might just hold the key to his success because it really pops!! With Castle Walls he put in some work to penning his thoughts, simple but complex i must say... Kilo Sope brings together everything tagged as ‘Generic’; this is definitely laced for the dance floor. Bar Frisk Ft Maulsy, Verbz, Young Black, Mr Jay and Marquiz. Kind of a clique cut and the lyrics blended in quite well. I wasn’t expecting a reggae twist at the end but it’s all good. The joint is dope but I almost died from a “NIGGA” overdose!!
Freddie E is blessed with a dope beat, real dramatic. I wish he stuck to a single point from start to finish, beside that it passes as a stand out track. My Dope Bars Ft Maulsy really interests me, a Venus VS Mars type of concept. Who That Ft Rich Kid & Vayne; this cut wins some points for wordplay by Vayne. She Likes It Ft Mr. Jay & Butta Som Boi; Al is back in the Naija zone with this, topped off with a catchy hook and melody, this has “HIT” written in invisible ink all over it.
The last song is over the “recorded to death” Don Jazzy’s Enigma beat. I say to you all, give this Mixtape a listen, J Town is the sure shot.

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