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Al' Chaddas Alcyclopedia The Mixtape Review

Alcyclopedia The Mixtape Review

The show biz audience tag some American rappers illuminati after the release of “Wicked Music Industry’’ documentary, a product of a conspiracy theory, Al’ Chaddas, a J.Town lyricist is daring as he introduces Alcyclopedia The Mixtape with an art cover that makes you pause and ponder for its shock value, it is all entertainment anyway. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]
Al’s got good diction no doubt but he kicks a helluva of a monotonous style, this is quite risky for a listener with an ear for variety. But Al’ Chaddas commands attention with Castle Walls, his delivery and lyrics are cute, you can’t help but enjoy his rhyme when he goes “telepathic flow, no media, tell you what it is, Wikipedia, they said they (wait a long??), Alcyclopedia, but they don’t get the picture unless is in the cinema, this is my picture, this is my wife, this is my scripture, this is my life...’’ [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]
Go Ft Terry Tha Rapman and Yung L is cool for its chorus and the delivery of Terry Tha Rapman is easy to connect with. It is possible Al’ Chaddas is influenced by figures such as TI and Jay Z but the need to bring the lyrics home after tapping from great source is key. His a cappella Skit gives a listener a sense of relief, you can easily digest the rich craft of this lyricist with this mellow out flow, here is a food for thought “... they knew I was broke but they didn’t glue me, they knew I could rap but no gift to me...I hear about your second coming they still sound like rumour, but I don’t wanna burn like I’ve been toasting bread but keep me prepared while I chase that bread.’’ [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]
Al’ Chaddas’s got diction and passion for rap as an art form; the mixtape surely reflects this.

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