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It’s been fourteen days since my subscription expired, mind you I could afford to renew it

But in total honesty, I won't; at least not yet. Yeah, cos I've been more on the sanity side this past fourteen days; almost feels like "the normal" life to me.

I have been sleeping well in terms of internet disturbances, feeding right as well as thinking wisely & correctly.

I have been able to spend more time on exploring my talents; in other words, it’s been fourteen days of super creativity. Don't ask and I won't tell.

I have had less unnecessary conversations, NONE actually. Or argue and answer silly & stupid questions for that matter.

It’s been pleasant, quiet, no beeps & alerts for notification, no PINGS. There has been no keyboard-pressing-thumb-aching-finger-stressing-hasty-typing.

I have been on the Mark even Zuckerberg has got no idea at all cos he's busy with his book, the face

I haven't thought about Evan's Paracetamol cos Will-i-am to stay off all the followers I got.

I could almost swear I got my peace back, though I won't; cos in a few days I'm gonna be online again

And completely lose the peace that I never really got back in the first place.

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