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Kahli Abdu The Bandits Mixtape Review

The Bandits Mixtape Review

What we’re dealing with here is a talented and fierce artist who has no issues in expressing his thoughts. Now teaming up with a producer “Kid Konnect” giving birth to a new mixtape tagged Bandits. Kahli blasted off with a worthy introduction, repped his city with “Cross Country” Ft Endia. State Of Emergency reminds us of the fact that it’s actually “Kahli” on this tape; he’s real good at addressing issues regarding the nation.

Little Brother takes us down memory lane a bit, opening up his past. You’ll realize he has been on the scene for quite a while. Toast which is definitely a party song (not in the dance sense) it has a mature feel to it, basically talking about everything that makes a good night. Kid Konnect also played his part by lacing ground breaking beats which will appeal both to the commercial and hip hop scene. Bandits is tight for a 9 track EP, I would have preferred 10 tracks. You can’t test an Emcee/Producer collaboration!

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