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Pherowshuz Interview

Pherowshuz is cool, calm and determined; his collaboration with Terry Tha Rapman on sample remix won an Headie, Pherowshuz sat with KEEPS for an exclusive interview while promoting THE RETURN OF PHERO THE GREAT, his sophomore album.

Keeps: Mr. Phero, I listened to House of Raps and right now you have come up with a new album again, what should we expect from this?

Pherowshuz: First of all, the album is called THE RETURN OF PHERO THE GREAT, it’s like a more evolved Pherowshuz, not just a rapper any more, I’m a rapper, I’m a producer so I’m completely involved with the music now it’s not just how to rap on a beat, is about composing a song, it’s more matured angle to the way I make my songs these days.

Keeps: The word on the street is that Phero is one of the best producers when it comes to using samples

Pherowshuz: I am very proud to call myself a champion when it comes to sampling, I sample a lot, my album has about two or three samples on it. It’s just something I felt comfortable doing, whenever I listened to a hip hop song I always noticed that I had more interest in the ones that have samples on them. It was just natural for me when I now have the chance to make production, it was not long enough before I started looking for samples and chopping off things just trying to create something out of something that has already been presented.

Keeps: I sense wisdom in what you do, like you put so much on your shoulders, a lot of emcees would like to be signed unto a label but you just try to run with this your ill touch production thing, how has it been so far?

Pherowshuz: I won’t even lie, if a record label comes to me in the near future and they are offering me some good money, trust me and some good terms... sometimes they bring good money but their terms are really messed up you end up just signing yourself into some form of slavery or something, if I find one in the near future I will take it, I am not going to brag and say I rather stand alone because it is hard trying to stand alone, it’s just been fortunate for some of us, we have been doing this for a while we created a platform, that we can even stand on our own and still be able to make things happen but it is not that easy if I get a record label tomorrow that is going to take the stress off me a little bit I will take it. For the most part I am proud being an independent artist it is easier when you want to call your own shots.

Keeps: Are you still in ABJ or you’ve moved to Lagos?

Pherowshuz: let me see, its crazy because am still everywhere, I spend most of the year either in Abuja or Lagos basically, because I still produce for other artistes and all of that so am always running back to Abuja production wise and then Lagos trying to promote my music so am in-between the two of them.

Keeps: If someone wants to have your beat, how much do you charge?

Pherowshuz: It depends on what exactly, what we are doing, if it is an album, if it is a track, it goes all the way from 30 to 100 grand and above. It depends on what exactly you want ill touch or Phero or Tommy Shields to do for you.

Keeps: I also learnt you worked on the track Number 10?

Pherowshuz: on Terry Album yes. I produced that song as well, also add samples on it, I also do beats without samples too but it just comes natural for me to just catch a sample and make something out of it real quick.

Keeps: I was in a crowd at a time I could see the way a lot of people reacted to correct it was interactive in nature; do we expect such joints from you because you carry audience along with such concepts?

Pherowshuz: Like I said, just making mature music, we’ve shown the world that we can rap, this album, it's making music more entertaining, we’ve seen MI do it and many other guys do it, you know that old battle …? battle yeah, is good to every once in a while show your skill, it’s not really about that anymore, it is about making good music for people to enjoy, the aim right now is just trying to make music more and more pleasing to the fans it’s like a journey, just take them on a journey through your music basically, it’s a little more interactive than it used to be.

Keeps: What more should we expect from Phero?

Pherowshuz: A lot more videos coming out real soon, a song with 9ice, we are planning on shooting the video real soon, we are planning on doing proper album release party. Just as in many places as we can, definitely, we won’t be able to go round the country but we would hit the major corners of the country.

Keeps: The underground community, they know Phero, I know you, but the mainstream, there might still be some corners whereby…

Pherowshuz: That is where the promo comes in, that is why am trying to do as many album release parties as possible, a friend of mine always says there is no such things as too much promo, the more the promo the better, just keep on promoting and more people will get to know you, I am not going to come out right now and say I am the most popular rapper in Nigeria, of course not but I guess with time with the amount of promo I intend to put into this and all that of course I will get there one day.

Keeps: Who is that MC out there in Nigeria that you could say you respect his hustle or something like that?

Pherowshuz: Hah, a lot of them, I respect MI, the angle he has taken his career in general, I really respect the angle he went with that, Terry Tha Rapman is doing a good job with boys are not smiling, we didn’t expect boys are not smiling to catch on this much, all of a sudden now it is a T. Shirt line and you know it has become music and merchandise for Terry right now, boys are not smiling that’s great. I love that hustle, it is something that went right and I’m happy because I was there. Sample was the hit that actually brought out the T .Shits and everything, that was a great thing, plus he won an award that’s something that I can brag about, I’m still proud and honoured to have that on my CV so to speak. Overdose of cause, these are my close friends, Mode 9. You know, Ruggedman he’s been away for a while but I have been hearing what he’s doing I respect his hustle as well, there are a lot of cats holding it down, Nigga Raw he also changed his name to Mr. Raw he is still doing his thing. You know I respect all these cats.

Keeps: What other hobbies do you have apart from rapping?

Pherowshuz: I play basketball a lot, if I wasn’t rapping professionally I would have been playing basketball professionally, that’s something I always love doing, I’m a little smallish so I play point guard, watching movies, I am a huge comedy freak, most of my friends call me clown because I clown a lot. I love comedies, watching movies, listening to music or making music, basketball for most part. I don’t read novels that much and stuff, I won’t say I’m into novels that much but movies, music and basketball these are my top three hobbies.

Keeps: For a girl to probably get your attention, what should we be looking out for in such a girl?

Pherowshuz: If there will be a connection there will be a connection, you meet a girl and you just know, these days it’s so obvious especially for us artistes, you meet a girl and you already know where she is coming from, where she is going, what she wants and how she wants to get it or whatever, so you can really just tell. So girls just be you, don’t try to be something you are not, at the end of the day if it is meant to be it will be.

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