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This is for the family men who listen to rap music every morning before going out for the business of the day, Ayo Animashaun, Obi Asika, JAJ the Meccadon, Efe Omorogbe hmmmm! it is a very long list really because a few friends of mine are married too, Dominic Ortsen i see you, men who love rap music to a fault, they make career out of it, Hip Hop World Magazine, Storm Records, STV Top Ten, Now Musik e.t.c

Out of the nine elements of hip hop the most talked about is the rap, it is the hip hop music, a youthful phenomenon, I can’t imagine a world without it. Whenever I sneak into my younger brother’s wall on facebook some Mobb Deep’s joints rest comfortably on his spotify

I met hip hop when my elder bro introduced me to break dancing in the 80s so when Kurtis Blow’s basketball music video later brightened up my grandmother’s black and white TV back in the days my body and soul had already been trained to embrace the image and love the music at the same time.

This is 2012 and I can tell you I never missed out on any of the good stuff. I used to be possessed with Naughty’s beat I would shout hip hop hurray for deliverance, even with the sound of the police, ain’t scared, you could say my mind is playing tricks on me and what’s my name anyway? My people call me Toks and everyday it’s nothing but a g thang with me, i was always trapped in that Brenda has got a baby vibe. A doctor offered me some healthy tips, he said keep their heads ringin is good, and with his advice i got all eyes on me everywhere i went as if i rule the world and i got five on it. And my man Biggie passed, i’m still missing you cos dude told me sky is the limit like he was flesh of my flesh. And what do these bitc*** want anyway. You better not shakomo and just shake body for my pleasure; it is the era of millennium bugging and ehen! you need to also give me some elbow room cos my Pentium is ix and the short black boy is a friend of mine. And if I catch you hen! o le ku, your swag na wash, on a final note i’m introducing aesthetics of rap to one of these private universities in Naija and i can comfortably give lectures, do i hear you say JOOR OH.

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