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For Anybody!

Excuse me Mr. Anybody; to what can one really liken the woman mind? I mean, what can be a better term to suggest what the best definition in terms of the biological and environmental construct of this ‘fierce femme’ is? The last time i read about the Eve story i still remembered her encounter with the snake which led to her involvement of the man which led to God cursing the whole earth (because for God to curse the first man and woman he created, they must have really gotten on his nerves, plus he was directly cursing the world they lived in) and sending them out of his bosom. Do understand me friend? I’m not trying to heap any blames on our mothers when our fathers today are partly responsible for the turn of events leading to our present ‘overstretch’. Permit me to say I’m old school in the affairs of ‘state’ (the woman mind), but a little friend of mine once said there is no ugly woman, and that every woman is beautiful until she makes herself ugly. At the time of this hypothesis she was only approximately 16, and she wasn’t beautiful, and according to the Dutch philosopher and jurist, Hugo Grotius, ‘justice is when the judgement is in your favour’! Why invest in stock exchange when your stock broker is watery? If a bastard decides to live a life of celibacy gaddamn it, he’s a bastard and it’s his own life; so he can be a celibate. So if Christ could take vinegar, whoever does not like the bastard should take a hyssop stick and munch a good quantity of the bitter lemon, or preferably Alomo. For death’s freaking sake the world is so free you still gotta pay ‘anybody’ to get a freebie. (Read between the lines folks) Since duplicity is human (woman) nature, the force of attraction is the human flaw (messes up our mothers and leaves our fathers raving stupid), the law of gravity only exists within the confines of the atmosphere. As such, and in most cases, it becomes baseless (I’m tryin’ not to use the word ‘useless’). If at birth, a man is governed by his mother, at puberty; his girlfriend, and as an adult, his wife; our safety precautions have been jeopardized from scratch, wrongly analyzed and is presently making for a horrible discovery to our chagrin, that as soon as we wake up, we come to realize that not knowing who you are in bed with, can make for a very uncomfortable awakening. (Not literally).

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