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Needless Romance

What do you call an affection that you give out to another but yet you don’t feel?

What do you call “I LOVE YOU”, when you say it but do not mean it?

What do you call the heightened dissipation of energy during sex with someone you claim not to love and yet you enjoy to shag?

What do you call that cringe on your face when you see someone you claim not to love with someone else?

What do you call the suggestive text messages you send while in bed with your partner to someone you claim is just a neighbor?

What do you call asking your partner not to express words of endearments to the opposite sex when you already address a colleague as, ‘my love’?

What do you call those lies you tell just to save your face when you know you’ll still be caught nonetheless?

How do you explain the smeared make-ups on your collar? Aftershave? What do you call “…I have no feelings for her”, and yet you can’t stop looking at her butt?

What do you call explaining to your friends that he ain’t worth shit and you go around telling him he means the world to you?

What do you call introducing her to your friends and family as “just a friend”, when in the real sense you both know you screw each other because you said you love her?

What do you call the many phone calls you condone from your…toasters? (I’ll like to call them admirers), after explaining that you are done? Company?

What do you call being unable to control your libido when the only person you screw is anybody who can afford Smirnoff Ice?

How do you explain the name you screamed while I screwed you last night? My new pet name? Franklin ain’t no pet name, damn it! You wanna ask Kirk?

What do you call that wink whenever we walk together and you come across a TDH guy? Mind me doing the same?

What do you call that talk about X-rated files like; ‘…don’t you watch blue films? Don’t you see how they do it?’. Lady I ain’t a ‘mojo’ actor. I’m just a regular guy trying to screw you the regular guy’s way.

What do you call comparing him with every guy who’s got a car? Sorry he can’t afford it now. How about you go buy one yourself, lady; or go look for a guy with the name Ford.

How do you explain the messages you deleted from your phone? Not wanting to hurt her? Erasing your tracks?

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