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To Abigail, there is no word that can accurately describe motherhood.

Abigail Oritsejafor Kenine is a former model and a mother of one. In her mid-twenties, she is married to Michael Crome Kenine whom she met while studying in the university.

Crome is a devoted pianist in his church and their union is blessed with Nathan who is a year old. The baby boy has been an inseparable companion to his mum but luckily for us he is taking a nap in his baby seat, after a few hours of class (babysitting class) a relief of sort; our interview isn’t going to be distracted by the lively Nathan who sleeps with an angelic aura around him.

Abigail spots a pair of blue jeans and a stripe polo top, fashion isn’t all you get from this diva, her diction will melt an aggressor. Abigail is about to make history as the first Nigerian to produce mayonnaise.

Cromewealth Mayonnaise

“I learnt it from someone from Spain. Nigeria does not produce one. The mayonnaise in Nigeria is imported from UK and US, so I decided to do mine, the first of its kind. I’ll be able to create employment for people and make something that is affordable.”


Abigail is planning towards having a clothing line; she believes women really deserve to be well styled. Unique wedding gowns are some of the wears she plans to make.


Abigail says being a mother is wonderful. To her, there is no word that can accurately describe motherhood.

Cromewealth Enterprises

Abigail and her hubby run a service providing company, Cromewealth Enterprises, which handles events, sales of affordable and durable automobiles. The company, in partnership with World Bank, made school buses available to some secondary schools in Jos, Plateau State, and other parts of the country as part of its corporate social responsibility. Cromewealth also does show-business with a focus on bringing out A-list acts in Nigeria to headline shows and concerts.

A biochemistry graduate from the University of Jos, she believes in taking a break from her busy schedule to relax and go on vacation. She loves to party, swim and spend quality time with Crome and her son.

I ask this enterprising diva why she has chosen to settle in Jos amid the crises threat. Without a worry she says “Jos has a lot of potential in it. It is a beautiful land. I do not dispute the fact that a lot has happened recently but it’s a place where people can live and build.”

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