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Beverly Osu

Beverly Osu

When you subscribe to a show where adults are kept in a house for 90 days with hidden cameras all over the rooms you will surely see more skin, perhaps more ''activities'' than you bargain for. Beverly Osu is the first Nigerian housemate to throw caution to the winds as she got entangled in a moment best described as ''konji'' to the delight of the voyeuristic Big Brother audience across Africa.

The buzz Beverly has created might not last because the displeasure of many is that she is not gorgeous. Here is a quote from a disturbed observer, ''African youths want DSTV to give them a BBA, where African youths are rewarded for creativity and hard work, thereby promoting entrepreneurship and not this morally-bankrupt show where single parents who can't keep their relationships go into the house to show their sagging breasts and addiction..."

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