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If you love creative words and rhymes like I do, you can’t help but delight in a spoken word treatment, the type Pizzo the Lyrical Praxis (LP) supplies. Dude has a video for his kalangu single and he has made cameo appearances in Pherowshuz’s Korrect remix and the viral UJ Cypher videos.

Leonard Pizat Lepdung a k a Pizzo thrives on boom bap, spoken word and the emcee is got a little bit of Soul in him; he makes you feel that whenever he sings.

With a gift and talent in the art of emceeing, Praxis’s mixtape is in the works, the mixtape which he has tentatively titled Point of View (POV) is going to be powered by World Hip Hop Beats online and some of Pizzo’s favourite instrumentals from the hip hop classics.

The emcee is married to the studio where he keeps writing fresh lyrics with the

sole aim of massaging ear drums and blowing minds. And what is so exciting about this brother is in the direction he is taking; there is an aura of determination around him when he says “I’m dropping my lyrics on tight hip hop beats but they will definitely reflect Naija elements’’.

Pizzo is not in the struggle alone, Louis “Flames” Okopi whom Pizzo met while

studying Theatre Arts in the University of Jos, has flown a management company and a record label known as Critique Entertainment, the outfit manages the Lyrical Praxis.

Louis says as soon as the POV mixtape is completed; an event will be tied

around it for people to party with Pizzo and have a feel of his Point of View which will be made available for online download. Critique Entertainment is shouldering the management of another emcee known as Illmaster Chief.

Chief is a wordsmith and a freestyle addict; you could feel his delivery on Duwawu the first single on the POV mixtape mixed by Tommy Shields. This single can be downloaded for free online via Critique Entertainment platform on Facebook.

And if you have been waiting for something fresh, I can rightly tell you that the wait is over, do take a journey with IllMaster Chief, Pizzo tha LP and Louis ‘’Flames’’ Okopi the CEO of Critique Entertainment for an experience you won’t regret.

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