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Zule Zoo Interview

Nigerians know him as Zule Zoo but his real name is Hassan Ibrahim (Ibro), he likes to refer to himself as Kerewa One of Africa. The word Kerewa was made popular by Ibro and his music partner Mike about a decade ago. His music partner We are still in good terms; we are still running things, we just decided to work solo for some time. 2013 something is going to be coming out from the two of us, Ibro and Mike. The journey from Theatre to Music Where I started music was in Lagos, when I was in Markudi, Benue, I was doing just theatre; I’m talking about general dance, all the tribal dances in Nigeria, and cross over dances from African, European, American and Asian countries. After 13 years of experience in dance I decided to branch into music, I know I could sing, also music and dance go together. I started alone before my colleague came from Benue to meet me in 2002. We have a lot of things in common, I asked him to join me. Zule Zoo Discography *Kerewa *Chin Kpan Reloaded *Destiny *E dey pain you *Wetin I chop Fresh Project It is called THE RETURN. It’s going to be more powerful than Kerewa. In the video I’m going to be featuring a lot of masquerades that are no longer been projected by the owners but I want to push it because I know there is something good in it.

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