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Modenine says he is impressed with Olamide, Phyno and Reminisce during an exclusive interview with K

In the Nigerian music industry today music download is what is obtainable so what is the future of the records on CDs

CDs are going to fade out, right now everybody has a sleek phone and everybody downloads. Like hey! There is a new single! Send the link! That’s what’s reigning on Twitter. You send it, they download it, they don’t need to buy CDs. Some people still do in places outside Lagos. But in Lagos everybody downloads, you just see people walking around...people don’t even have iPods anymore, they just have iPhones, Samsung and all those.

So how does an act push an album?

Sell your albums on iTunes; it is as simple as that. Sometimes even if you sell it on iTunes one person can buy it and upload it for free.

So what do we have?

The good thing is when they download your stuff, people know you, and you get shows from it. Very few people were even making money from the CD sales.

How do you feel about the Notjustok’s list?

I don’t care, it is not as if I am sad and I’m crying they put me on number one? No, but I’m not overjoyed. It is a surprise because most of the times they used to keep me out of the list. I don’t mind when I’m left out of it because I see myself as somebody who has transcended from where I might be a rapper to a lyricist to polymath. I don’t mind if they don’t put me but if they put me on number one? Wow! That’s cool. If you are not on the list it doesn’t mean you are not good. It’s just a web site’s list and some people got upset.

And I listened to Ashewo, it’s quite cool.

(Laughs) Radio said they couldn’t play it so I told the producer to do another version, the name of the song now is taking you home but in bracket Ashewo radio edit but it is a joint that people like, girls like it.

Let’s talk about girls, you could be as explicit as hell when it comes to affairs with a lady, I was listening to downtown a joint you did with OD

(Laughs) You know what? Life is 360. I talk about anything.

I still feel you still got love out there against all odds; there is something about Modo; you diss wack emcees

I just say whatever I feel like. I don’t really listen to Nigerian rappers like that. I know those that are dope. Reminisce is very impressive. Olamide is very hard working. Phyno has packaged himself and he is a very talented guy, he can produce and he knows how to make songs. I like his drive and everything. I like what they are doing. But what I can’t understand is how somebody will be winning and he will be looking back wandering who is behind him. That’s what I don’t understand. Some people back in the days, they were winning. I saw Olamide today at the airport, I told him look, you are winning, don’t look back. Because that’s what a lot of people do and it messes them up.

How did you manage to get Occupy the Throne done within seven days

It is what I do now. It is my job. Emceeing is my occupation. I have recorded an album I want to make it a double CD. I have so many songs. I even have M Smooth from J Town on a song. I have Ice Prince on a song. I have Nnenna on a song.

Overseas trips in the industry

Olamide travels more; ILL Bliss lately travels more than me. A couple of other guys have done more traveling than me. But when I want to go, my traveling is easy. Yeah, Ikechukwu travels a lot, probably because it is easier for him too. It is easy for more than a couple of us in the Nigerian music industry to travel. Because we don’t only have a Nigerian passport, like me, I have a British passport. Some of them have American passport. If you have a British passport you have like 171 countries visa free.

So what is the strategy behind the new move towards shooting videos outside Nigeria?

I have a video Boom Bap I shot that one in UK. If I like a location I shoot a video.

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