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Integrity Matters: Men of Honour in the Public Square Book Review

Many have come to presume that amongst power brokers, integrity is a relative term. As you ascend the ladder in society, things become relative and certain virtues are defined based on contexts- who is involved? What were the given circumstances? And how does it affect the society generally?

Thus, virtues might easily segue into vices and vice versa.

Furthermore the peculiar religio-political situation in Nigeria presently makes it even more difficult to spot integrity among influential men whether in public or private sector.

It is in this seemingly crazy mix that Cephas T. A. Tushima dares to release a book with the title INTEGRITY MATTERS: MEN OF HONOUR IN THE PUBLIC SQUARE. The 278 pages Book published by the Hessed Books, Jos is segmented into fourteen chapters, each a condensed biography of men the author believes have or had led lives of integrity in their various services within the public square. Each of the personalities like Gen. Martin Luther Agwai, Dr. Stephen Dunn, Bulus Dogara Amise to name a few, were measured bearing with the tenets of the Christian faith to which they all belong.

Written in a beautiful and expository manner, the stories are inspirational as they take the reader on a journey into the trials of victories of the subjects. The language and structure of the writing gives a clue to the author's grasp of the English Language.

The major failing of the book is with the design (cover) and printing. For a book written beautifully and centering on such remarkable personalities, the design gives off a boring business like vibe, that might not attract the average 21st century reader.

After all is said and done, Cephas T.A. Tushima may have successfully presented Nigerians with models of good leaders in a society that seems to be lacking a few.

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