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Meet The Newest Rapper In Town-Funny Bone

Starring as a rapper in a family drama (sitcom) titled Yaws n Myn, Funny Bone is about to hilariously show how hip hop should be done.

With his parents abroad, Funny (Ral) and his sister (Cheta) have to solely depend on their big brother Yaw (a radio personality). So with Ral (a rapper who doesn't know what he wants), and Cheta (a confused graduate), the punch will hit you with a super hilarious comedy.

Despite the fact that Comedy is second to Acting for Stanley (Funny Bone), he still appears to be the 'comic' in Comic Relief. Homeboy is starring in yet another sitcom titled 'Squatters', and many others coming your way soon.

2014 is the year to officially launch the brand name 'FUNNY BONE'. So literally picture a bone that is funny

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