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Thinking and Living Out of Google

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so,” conveyed Shakespeare. Now, there is nothing either good or bad about google but that disposition to think at all is tending to almost entirely rest with it. We think in Google and live out of google. As it is aptly put, “THE WORLD HAS BEEN GOOGLEIZED.”With all thoughts and virtually all life leading off from Google, it will be quite a difficult feat for anyone to tell the goodness or badness of Google. Just ask google!

The big question is, how much can people now do without Google? Well, one can only but imagine how far-reaching the impact of Google is in the lives, and possibly, thoughts of animals and other non-human creatures of the world. One can suppose and nearly infallibly too, that the most fitting definition for the information age is “the google age”.

Think of what enormous changes google has brought about in our lives. Think of it please, don’t go “googling” it! The changes and effect Google has brought about are monumental. No one values information from any other person any more. They can simply get it from google. People no longer want school, they google! Knowledge used to be power until information but as information also loses power, it invariably implies there is a new boss in time. What challenges trail? Try see if you can google that!

New ways to think, new ways to learn, new ways to love, new ways to live, new world, Google world! Google thought, Google living, google everything! One thing is for certain, even sweet can go sour. Until the sour sets in, all hail google!

Check this out!

Oh yeah! Google got me!

That is power, that is glorious, that is google. We can only but live and wait as google controls it all- our minds, our dreams, and our manifestations.

People are becoming all-knowing, all-capable, and more God-like but egoistic, self-centred, impulsive and more uncertain. Maybe I’m not googling enough!

Where else do I go other than to google? Where else do you go?

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