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Akume Akume Urges Nigerian Men to Prevent Prostate Cancer

There is nothing funny in losing one's father and uncle to cancer; this is Akume Akume's experience and the Nollywood Actor is not stopping in his campaign as a Face of Fighting Male Cancer in Nigeria.

"There are a lot of Nigerian men who don't talk about illnesses". The actor says this in a chat with Keeps Magazine.

"In fact it is a taboo for men to sit down and talk about illnesses...a man can be dying and he will hardly tell his family. It is when he is at the verge of dying that people might find out he had a cancer. And this prostate cancer is treatable, it is preventable. We want to encourage people to go for test"

Away from the campaign, Akume has also got a TV series project Barber Shop in the works; he says it is a flip side of what women do in beauty salons.

"In barbers shop we are talking men issue: sex, addiction, religion, life, we are talking reality, what men go through."

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