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Mista Flexx says he has a huge crush on Victoria Kimani

Ever since Mista Flexx Atu returned from the UK he has been a part of the trio that makes up Aboki Boyz.

With a message filled song YA ISA and performances with Ice Prince, you can't help but notice Aboki Boyz's unique swag.

Mista Flexx

KEEPS: Hope you don't face hostility from some crowd because of the name Aboki?

FLEXX: We do, kind of, you all know some people mess around and say boko haram but nothing major though, we thank God.

KEEPS: So is there any celebrity you are having a crush on at the moment?

FLEXX: Oh yes!


FLEXX: Victoria Kimani number one

KEEPS: She is from kenya I guess? Have you made a move yet since Chocolate City's artists are like family to you?

FLEXX: Yes she's Kenyan. Hmm not yet..liver dey fail me

KEEPS: That can't be true you appear like a true playa to me.

FLEXX: Hahahaa was just messing. I am in Abuja now, I might do when am back to Lagos.

Victoria Kimani

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