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World Egg Day

World Egg Day, an international event, comes up in the month of October every year. The focus of this celebration which began in the year 1996 has not changed from presenting eggs as affordable source of high quality protein, with the potential to feed the world.

Nigerians, for the first time, celebrated the world egg day in 2012 as Plateau State chapter of Poultry Association of Nigeria marked the day by donating eggs to internally displaced people and some orphanages in the state.

Now in the year 2013, the celebration is gradually gaining momentum as National Headquarters of Poultry Association of Nigeria in Abuja took a leaf out of the Plateau State chapter’s book. Abuja and Plateau State poultry owners creatively put up good egg shows this year.

In Jos, the Plateau State capital, it was a funfair as physically challenged students engaged in various games and competitions at an amusement park where crates of eggs were donated to the participating schools.

Mr Hyacienth Michaels, a poultry farmer and one of the organizers of the funfair says, “every household should include egg in their daily menu. It has high nutritional value and it is about the cheapest source of protein that you can have in your food requirement”.

The participating schools such as the school for the blind children in Gindiri, the physically handicapped children in Mangu and the kids from CLAPPAI orphanage in Jos can bank on daily boiled or fried eggs in a long time to come.

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