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'30 Days In Atlanta' Movie Review

What makes 30 days in Atlanta thick is seeing AY represent Warri and in essence Nigeria in America. The set is Atlanta and AY brings all the elements of a Warri guy into that. It takes more than 30 days of (AY) Akpors’ adventures in Atlanta to be entertained by this flick.

Every Nigerian audience of this movie can aspire to command respect and kick it with the best of them in Yankee after seeing Akpos (AY) enjoy a good kiss with Clara (Lynn Whitfield) and Kimberly (Karlie Redd). That is not all, AY’s role as the executive producer and the lead character of the movie which parades the likes of Vivica Fox is assuring to the Nigerian audience with big dreams; if AY can do it, another home boy or home girl can.

The story begins in Nigeria when Akpos discovers he is a lucky winner of a trip to Atlanta in America for 30 days with all expenses made. Akpos a bachelor chooses his cousin Richard (Ramsey Nouah) to accompany him on the trip initially designed for couples.

The good news spurs Ese (Mercy Johnson) Richard’s ex-girlfriend from Warri who tries to find her way back to Richard’s life. A heartbroken Richard refuses to reconcile with Ese who will stop at nothing to get her man back.

The Akpos’ jokes are given flesh at every opportunity in this comedy and Akpos (AY) is indeed funny as he exhibits his culture shock from the airplane to every other scene in Atlanta city, it only gets funnier. And the audience is not spared of the “WARRI” overdose.

The 30 days in Atlanta might be funny but the movie highlights some not so funny Nigerian issues. Nigerian government officials don’t enjoy the clout abroad. Nigerian men with menial jobs abroad lie about their job description and Nigerian women with their “Tokunbo’’ Pregnancy arrangements are all over the place. A lot of Nigerians can’t be comfortable with the role of uncle Wilson played by Kesse Jabari who believes men and women are equal in a civilized world and by this he does all the household chores for his African American wife played by Vivica Fox.

The film director Robert Peters favours a simple camera set up and focuses more on the story which really heightens after Akpos’ arrest. The peak of the movie is the on-screen chemistry Akpos (AY) shares with Clara (Lynn Whitfield) an acquaintance that becomes his attorney and rescues him from the hands of the law. Also, Richard (Ramsey Nouah) comes alive when he tries to win Kimberly’s love back after her skype encounter with Ese. Kimberly (Karlie Redd) is a daughter of a Nigerian restaurateur played by Richard Mofe Damijo whom they have come to know during their 30 days stay in Atlanta.

But the stars of this movie which comes to an end with a near enactment of some Coming to America moments are AY (Ayo Makun), Lynn Whitfield and Karlie Redd.

Karlie Redd and Ramsey Nouah

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