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Kespan Maxwell Ya Ba Ni Album Review

Ya Ba Ni Album Review

One can’t but fall in love with this chap if only for his resonating soprano which pierces right into the soul, arresting every distraction and submitting one into the realm, yes the realm. Or is it the stringed instrument? What the Hausas call Mole? Fusing it with the contemporary is not only unique but unprecedented.

With the Ya Ba Ni Album, Kespan the psalmist and the crooner has shown the stuff he is made of, his ability to display some level of versatility and virtuosity around multiple genres ranging from RnB to Calypso, Afro, Rock etc. And more interesting is the blending elements of his style of music.


What other way to start the thematic album title than through this hard rhythm praise song Yabani. Talking about the free gift of eternal life by Jesus; wonderful intro with the chorus, and then smooth gliding bridge that leaves such a mellow feeling at its wake.

Muradi Na

Now there is something unique about this guy that is somewhat of a trademark and that is the ad-lib that characterizes the use of his stringed instrument which has this hybrid of Spanish, North Africa and Middle East influence to it. What other way to pledge ones’ commitment to the faith but the affirmation of our heart desire to be like Jesus.

Kai Ne featuring Mista Seth

Now the duo of Mista Seth and Kespan really killed this song. You can’t resist the goose bumps with the flow of this RnB inclined number from start to finish; these guys are heading us into the realm man! With my transcription of the chorus: you are my God, you remain the same from everlasting to everlasting, Jesus your name is sweet to the ear, and superb it is.

Ina Jira

With its gradual build and steady flow, this worship special and spiritual song is indeed edifying and makes one want to wait on the Lord and serve him forever, Ina Jira, wonderful rendition.

Sai Dadi featuring Nandong

Transcription: Believers stand firm in the Lord, for this world will come to an end and all suffering will end tooSai dadi. You can’t help but dance to this rhythm, good duet.

Bazan Taba

Another danceable praise song with this hard rhythm that will make one wanna go oooh-oooh-oooh, you can’t resist to dance to this one because that is the only thing you can offer to Jesus for all he’s done to you right?

More Than Able

How else can one talk about the abilities of God than this worship mode praise, with such a smooth and steady flow RnB medium and very effective glide into the bridge, perfect transition that sends one into a trance of some sort.

Let’s Praise featuring Greal

This blend is indeed a hybrid with influences from Spanish, North African and Semitic. Kespan is dexterous, the instrumental accompaniment impeccable and the rap is just an icing, wonderful rendition.

Wa Ba Mi

To this afro beat praise you can’t help but move your body and sway for it is such a royal dance, yes I like the western naija influence to it, you know with the talking drum and everything, so mellow and easy flow, come join me let’s dance.

Na Boye

Steady and easy flow worship song. Good one. Your word have I hidden in my heart that I may not sin against you. I am going gospel now.

Bege Na

Good delivery with the sonorous voicing.

Sai Ka Zo

Moving, I will say, Jesus come save me. Good characterization of lyrics, ecstatic vamp, nice delivery there.

Let There Be Light

Some soft rock, what a way to end, oh my God I am rocking with this guy. Good delivery.

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