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The Unveiled Truth

The Christian Television Series don’t get any better than The Unveiled Truth an untold story about human trafficking, baby factories, child abuse, infidelity in Christian marriages and the effects of immigration on families. The truth unveiled in the series will shock you and the story will keep you at the edge of your seat as it unfolds.

The soap opera shot on locations in Nigeria, United Kingdom and the United States will soon debut on major network TV channels in Nigeria. And as part of the promotion for the series Ada Sarah Ozodo Ajomale (below) the brain behind the series engages in a chat with Keeps Magazine.

From our exchange it is evident that The Unveiled Truth is inspired by a true life story. And Sarah Ozodo favours soap opera over a feature length movie so as to get the story across to more people and the series idea will equally impress the truth on the audience.

Sarah feels the Christendom seems to shy away from infidelity in families. Child abuse is equally central to The Unveiled Truth and it seems she can’t wait to let the behind the scene secrets of most Christian homes out. Ada Sarah Ozodo who is not just producing the series but also has an acting role says ‘’I feel an ideal Christian home is a home where Jesus is lord. It doesn’t mean a perfect

home, it means a home where Jesus is always depended on, an ideal Christian home is a home where the couple work hard to keep their relationship healthy and alive in every way, a home where they pray together like that was all their relationship depends on’’

Nollywood’s Andy Nwakalor is the supervising director of The Unveiled Truth which also parades other directors such as Uche Chris Okere, Kelvin Nwekeson, and Shabach Akinyele. Keeps Magazine will keep you posted on more developments as The Unveiled Truth production progresses.

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