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Yakubu Taddy who has spent over Two Decades in the Field of Broadcasting talks about how it all star

Mr. Yakubu Taddy loves to refer to himself as a home boy. He is a Theatre Arts graduate from the University of Jos and he has been in the field of broadcasting journalism for over twenty years. As a younger Taddy, he was a builder of press clubs from his secondary school days in Gindiri Boys to his NYSC service year in Enugu. He also pioneered a press club in Zang Commercial Secondary School Bukuru where he taught for two years before joining Plateau Radio Television Corporation in 1993.

Yakubu Taddy who served as a Chairman of Nigerian Union of Journalists in Plateau State says his love for journalism developed at a tender age while running errands for his father, “My father, he didn’t school much, he did standard 4. When I was a young kid he sent me to buy newspapers and each time I buy the papers I want to read, that is where I developed the interest and I like to follow issues as they unfold.

Yakubu, though a quiet gentleman, has that aura of leadership around him. Once again Taddy attributes his leadership qualities to his father, “I am very glad that I have to work closely with my dad to see how he relates and also handles issues. I think the design of God is for everybody to be a leader.

The Chairman shares his relaxation tips amid his tight schedule, “The time is not really there always to relax but what I have learnt to do also is to go cycling in the morning because that is the only limited time I have. I used to play golf, wonderful game but the time is no longer there. I’m sure I’ll go back to golf. I do want to have a drink and also to engage in discussion with people. I want to read as a way of relaxation. The world is changing every minute; you need to be current and up to date to keep abreast with what is happening.”

The Chairman has great plans for NUJ, “The NUJ in plateau this time around is going to play a central role in the social economic well-being of Plateau. Because we have to actively participate to guide the processes.”

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