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Burna Boy A Self-Made Rockstar

According to Burna Boy, he was born 1991, he is quite young but no Naija artiste is more notorious for parading scantily clad video vixens than Burna, the Port Harcourt boy presents explicit musical videos with ease.

He is a self-made rock star and a trend setter. Within a short space of time, he has become one of the most recognized faces in the industry. The more he brandishes his cigars and displays his carefree attitude the more air play his videos get. But something must be working for Burna Boy, could it be his idiosyncrasies? He calls his music Afro Fusion and he doesn’t sound like anyone. Ask him a question and you can’t escape words like init, bruv, mahn…etc

He was already talking about international tours on the heels of his first album “If you drop an album, you should go on tours to promote it. I’ll be in a lot of African countries, Europe, Canada, America, you get me.’’ With no major awards to his credit Burna commands attention where ever he goes without even trying. Burna Boy attracted massive reactions to his infamous underwear performance at Felabration 2013. Lately Burna has come under heavy criticism by the alternative soul singer and writer, Etcetera who says Burna’s alleged song writing deal with universal music is a lie.

As this son of Mr. and Mrs. Ogulu keeps smoking and rocking with his video girls on any of his usual colourful sets; he is indeed enjoying that rock star treatment on his own lane for as long as it lasts.


Burna Boy on a video set

Burna Boy at Felabration

Picture taken at a location for one of his musical videos

Burna Boy the rock star

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