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Akume Akume Is In Love With The North Central And He Is Not Leaving Anytime Soon

Silverbird Television still shows the 2007/2008 BBC Wetin Dey Drama Series, a break from the norm of some sort for its cinematography, acting and message. Wetin Dey has enabled the fans of Akume Akume one of the prominent casts of the series to enjoy the performance of the actor on weekly basis. The thespian has chosen to remain in the North Central Nigeria out of love. Akume Akume refers to himself as Abuja/Jos person in response to the question on why he has not moved to Asaba where Nollywood productions enjoy vibrancy. Akume says “A lot of people have asked me, why I haven’t moved to Asaba, there is no day I get to Asaba that I don’t get a job.’’

The actor who has been leading the fighting male (prostate) cancer campaign in and out of Jos also nurses the idea of a new TV series tentatively titled Barber Shop. Akume calls this show a flip side of what women do in beauty salons. "In barbers shop we are talking men issue: sex, addiction, religion, life, we are talking reality, what men go through."

Akume Akume who equally runs a clothing line called Kloths n Akume says he is doing a lot in the middle belt to keep the acting, music, fashion and modeling industry alive. The actor who has been on the same set with Genevieve Nnaji, Ini Edo and starred in movies such as Vanished, Not With My Daughter, The Fifth Wife, Sweet Money says it is a thing of joy to mentor young actors in the North who look up to him for direction.

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